A home for builders and founders at Stanford

Helping students succeed by hosting one place to get access to:

  • 1) an inclusive and creative space w/ weekly socials and build sessions for students to connect, collaborate, and create
  • 2) resources: funding opportunities, grants, our blog, our producthunt to share what students are building @ Stanford, and our private groupchat
  • 3) other student peers, alumni founders, professors, VCs, and more who want to help :)
Bringing together over 150 student members

How to get involved as a student:

*Are you an alumni and like to get involved? Fill out this form here.

Step 1

Attend an event

Come attend a weekly social on Friday or build session on Sunday. It is important to show up and be a part of the community in person :)
Check our Luma to RSVP for upcoming events.

Step 2

Become a friend

Once you show up to an event and meet a leadership member, you will receive a short form to complete. Share a bit about yourself and you will get invited to our exclusive online community. Now, you are a friend and can get access to community resources and mentorship from alumni.

Step 3

Become family

Once you have become a friend, you can apply to become a family member. All you have to do is fill out a form and share a blog post about something you built after joining Friends and Family. Now, you are family and can get access to exclusive perks such as access to free grants, hackerhouses, and retreats.

Join a growing community of founders

We are hosting an inclusive and friendly space for students building products and services of all kinds. We bring together students who are future optimists, ambitious leaders, creative artists, and more. We connect the builder and founder community on campus with the rich network of alumni founders, investors, and more for mentorship and support.